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Harley-Davidson offers you over 20,000 accessories for the model range. It’s all about being unique and standing out when it comes to your Harley.

Customizing Your Harley – How Sy’s Can Help

Like the road travelled, customizing your Harley Davidson is a journey. It can start by adding a few small items to a full customization including paint set, handle bars and performance upgrades.

At Sy’s Harley-Davidson we can take care of the lot.

So come and have a talk to our staff and they will help you with all your needs.

Fit & Function


How you fit your motorcycle is a major factor in maximizing your comfort and enjoyment. The correct riding position can build confidence when you put your feet down. It’s as simple as selecting the right seat, handlebar and ride height.


Considering style and comfort is crucial to your customization, but you should also match your accessories with how you plan to use your bike. Harley-Davidsons range of detachable screens, backrest and saddlebags can turn your bike from a touring bike to a stripped down street cruiser in minutes.


Customizing your Harley-Davidson is about you-about selecting accessories that work together to reflect your personality. Fortunately, Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories are designed to make those choices easier.

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