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Nobody plans to fall off and lets hope it doesn’t happen to you but you need to be well prepared for if the worst happens. Sy’s Harley-Davidson carry’s a range of standards approved helmets, protective foot wear, gloves, jackets and Covec lined jeans offering the ultimate protection in the event of an accident. We also have a range of Wiley X Harley-Davidson branded shatterproof padded eye wear so you can always keep your eyes on the road.

Nearly a century of riding experience has taught us the value of functional motorcycle gear. The durable kind that keeps out the elements. And does it with a style that tells the world exactly where you stand. When you take to the road in our jackets, helmets, boots, rain suits and other riding apparel, you feel that experience in every mile.

Wet Weather Gear

Don’t let a bit of rain stop you from getting out and going for a ride. Sy’s Harley-Davidson keeps a range of wet weather gear in stock from pull over booties, to pants and complete top and bottom suits that fold up nice and compact for easy storage on your bike should you get caught out in the rain.


FXRG riding gear is the most durable and functional gear available and is designed to enhance comfort and performance. FXRG gear is long lasting, water proof and it’s Cocona Natural Technology Membrane ensures that it is breathable for added rider comfort. It offers the best protection, allowing many years of enjoyable riding.

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